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Asher Matthews is a certified personal trainer as well as a nutrition and lifestyle coach. He grew up in Brooklyn, New York where he played basketball from a young age and continued through college.  He was always in tip top shape because of daily athletic training. After finishing college, however, the demands of entrepreneurship took over and exercise was no longer a top priority. 

After seeing his health decline, he decided to start working out. He quickly understood that a cookie cutter workout plan wasn’t going to be effective and started to develop routines that were fun, challenging and effective.  He also started doing research on nutrition and its impact on changing the body. 

As he transformed his own body, he began to get inquiries from others about how they could do the same.  He shared his own routines but wanted to do more to help change people’s lives. That led him to make a career shift and turn to helping others full time. 
Asher is on a quest to help his clients find their best selves. He believes the often talked about “fitness journey” is about so much more than how much a client can lift or how fast they can run. It’s less about getting a good picture for social media and more about pushing past pain (mental and physical) to get to a goal. That commitment isn’t possible when a self-doubting script runs through your head telling you: 

“You can’t do it.”                          “You’re weak.”
“You don’t have time.”                 “You can start again Monday.”
“You will always be fat.”              “You’re a failure.”

Asher believes in pulling a “can do” mentality out of his clients no matter where they start. No matter the fitness level, he designs a unique plan that helps his clients reach their specific short and long-term fitness/wellness goals. Ultimately, it’s not about how many reps a person can do. It’s about how he/she feels after a session. His goal is for every client to feel empowered, strong, confident and healthy whether beginner or advanced.

Finally, Asher does not believe a small budget has to be an impediment to achieving good results. He has developed several package options for clients including an online training platform. 

Ready to get started? Click through the site to explore, book a session, or sign up for Asher’s online program.  

Questions? Hit the Contact tab and fire away. Asher will get back to you within 48 hours.  

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